22nd Annual Conference of the Austrian Herpetological Society

, Uhr | Zu Gast im NHM
The 22nd Annual Conference of the Austrian Herpetological Society (ÖGH) will be held in the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien from January 21 through 23, 2011. IN GERMAN Program and information: http://www.herpetofauna.at/oegh/Jahrestagung2011/Jahrestagung2011.html

The presentations will comprise scientific contributions but also travelogues, behavioural observations and reports on keeping and breeding of amphibians and reptiles.  The latter are not only of interest to the specialist but may please the enthusiast and amateur naturalist as well. Most of the lectures will take place in the museum’s movie theatre room (Saturday Jan., 22 9.00-17.15; Sunday Jan. 23 9:00-12:30). The Saturday morning sessions are devoted to turtles. Within the framework of the congress, there will be a sales exhibition of herpetological specialized books in the first floor dome hall, which will be open to any visitor of the museum and participant in the congress. On site registration fee is 10 € for non-members and 5 € for members of the ÖGH.