Digitales Planetarium: Die Sonne, unser lebendiger Stern

Saturday, 29. June 2019, 11:00 Uhr | NHM Digitales Planetarium
This show tells the story of our closest star, the sun, in breathtaking images.
It also addresses the fundamental importance of the sun for the Earth – as an energy source for our planet, as an energy supplier that drives wind and weather, and as a source of light that makes the existence of life on Planet Earth possible in the first place.

Previously unseen images of the turbulent solar surface in fulldome projection convey in breathtaking detail the tremendous power and dynamics of our closest star. The sun, which looks like a luminous disk when seen from Earth, is in fact an incredibly hot celestial body that is constantly changing. It burns 600 million metric tons of hydrogen per second and has a fundamental influence on every aspect of life on Earth: the day/night rhythm, the changing seasons, the production of oxygen by green plants through photosynthesis (and thus on the food chain in all ecosystems), as well as on culture and religion in human societies.

This film, which is screened at the NHM Digital Planetarium in Vienna, is a co-production between ESO and the Greek director Theofanis Matsopoulos.

Tickets: € 5,– (excl. entrance fee)  | Visitors under 19 years € 3,–
available at the info-desk (entrance hall) and online