Live Show: Journey Through the Night for Kids

Saturday, 04. September 2021, 14:00 Uhr | NHM Digital Planetarium Kids
Liveshow: IN GERMAN
Journey Through the Night for Kids is our latest live show in which NHM astronomers explain the night sky above Vienna in an easily understandable, child-friendly way.

The museum’s space experts invite young visitors to join them on a fascinating virtual journey to the Moon and Mars.

Astronomers explain the topics of space travel, astronomy, and space research in an easily understandable and child-friendly way as an exciting virtual adventure.
In the most modern planetarium in Austria we will experience a real rocket launch at close quarters, land on the Moon, accompany a space probe on its journey through space, and push ourselves to the limits of our imagination. We will learn what stars are made up of, if we could breathe the air on other planets, how long it takes to travel to Mars, and much, much more.
The virtual adventure is complemented by an exhibition of space objects in front of the planetarium. Exhibits on display are including an Austrian flag flown to the Moon, a real piece of lunar rock, and the original space suit worn by astronaut Franz Viehböck – the only Austrian to have been in space.

Language: German

Tickets: € 5,– (excl. entrance fee)  | Visitors under 19 years € 3,–
available at the info-desk (entrance hall) and online
Please respect the safety measures when visiting the museum: Wear protective masks, keep your distance, wash your hands. Disinfectants are also available at the museum.