Press releases 2021

Friday, 26. February 2021

Wednesday, 24. February 2021

Asteroid dust found within the dinosaur-killing crater

An international team of researchers, including four scientists from the Natural History Museum Vienna and the University of Vienna, report on the discovery of meteorite dust in drill core samples from the Chicxulub impact crater (Mexico). This finding is the final piece of the puzzle following the discovery of a meteoritic component in rocks from the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary about 40 years ago, which led to the conclusion that the mass extinction was caused by an asteroid impact.
Monday, 22. February 2021

Natural History Museum Vienna and Evolution: Exactly 150 years ago, on 24 February 1871, Charles Darwin published his work The Descent of Man.

To mark this anniversary the Natural History Museum Vienna aims to draw attention to the close links which exist between its first Superintendent, Ferdinand von Hochstetter (1829-1884), and the revolutionary theory of Charles Darwin (1809-1882). In this context, the museum wishes to raise the profile of the various evolutionary and co-evolutionary processes when redesigning its exhibition halls in the future. The goal is to enable visitors to the museum to better understand and experience the mechanisms of evolution, focusing on (genetic) variability as a prerequisite for diversity and evolution as well as on the selection factors that affect today's distribution of species and will continue to do so in the future. Such factors include not only the climate and tectonics but also, for example, competitive and cooperative behavior as well as the co-evolution of humans alongside diseases and parasites.
Tuesday, 16. February 2021

Desert fish "under cover" - newly discovered diversity on the Arabian Peninsula

The landscape of Oman is characterized by vast desert landscapes and barren, dry high mountain ranges. When one hears of newly discovered freshwater fish, few people think of the desert state in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. Studies by the Natural History Museum in Vienna now show that the fish diversity in this arid region was previously underestimated.
Tuesday, 09. February 2021

Tuesday, 19. January 2021

New area on species conservation at the Natural History Museum Vienna

A newly designed display case on the first floor of the NHM Vienna addresses the urgent issue of species conservation, with a particular focus on reptiles. Snakes and many other reptiles are used to make leather. The animals are often caught in the wild – despite the fact that most snake species are strictly protected. This new exhibition area aims to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting these species.
Tuesday, 12. January 2021

The science of citizen science

On 12.1.2021 the book "The Science of Citizen Science" was published open access with Springer, to which over 100 authors contributed, including over 10 from Austria. "This book is a wonderful conclusion of four years of intensive exchange within a European research network on citizen science. At the same time it signals a beginning, as its curriculum-like structure gives universities and others the opportunity to reflect on both the substantive contributions to research and the societal added value of Citizen Science," Dr. Katrin Vohland, Director General of the Natural History Museum Vienna and first editor of the book, is pleased to say. "In addition, the book offers practical support for implementing projects and also addresses emerging topics such as Citizen Science and Artificial Intelligence."