BSc. MSc.
Iris Feichtinger

Phone: +43 1 52177-596
Fax: +43 1 52177-459
Since 2017 Preparator at the Department of Geology & Palaeontology, NHM Vienna

Since 2017 Member of the Advisory Board of the Palaeontological Society Austria (ÖPG)

2017 Master's thesis: Systematic position of Early Cretaceous elasmobranchs revealed by enameloid microstructure and root vacularization

2017 Research assistant: Evolutionary success of pycnodontiform fishes (Actinopterygii, Neopterygii), University of Vienna

2016-2017 Master student in Earth Science with focus in Palaeontology, University of Vienna

2016 Bachelorthesis: Palaeoecology and diversity of early Miocene Elasmobranchii of the Paratethys of Austria

2014-2016 Tutor in Palaeobiodiversity, Department of Palaeontology, University of Vienna

2012-2016 Bachelor student in Earth Science, University of Vienna
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Feichtinger I., Pollerspöck J. & Harzhauser M. 2020. A new species of the enigmatic shark genus Nanocetorhinus (Chondrichthyes) from the Oligocene of Austria with palaeoceanographic implications. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences, 113/2, 229-236.

Feichtinger I., Lukeneder, A. & Guinot, G. 2020 A Lower Cretaceous chondrichthyan dermal denticle assemblage and its bearing on placoid scale diversity and histology. Cretaceous Research 111(104444), DOI:10.1016/j.cretres.2020.104444

Feichtinger I., Engelbrecht A., Lukeneder A., Kriwet J. 2020 New Chondrichthyans characterised by cladodont-like tooth morphologies from the Early Cretaceous of Austria, with remarks on the microstructural diversity of enameloid. Historical Biology 32(6).
DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2018.1539971

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New data on the elasmobranch fauna of the Eferding Formation (Egerian, North Alpine Foreland Basin) of Austria. Jahrestagung ÖPG. Conference Paper.

Zeitlinger F. & Feichtinger I. 2019.
Über 200 Jahre Kaolinbergbau im Mühlviertel - Wissensvermittlung über Bergbau, Geologie und Paläontologie der Region. Jahrestagung ÖPG. Conference Paper.

Feichtinger I., Kranner M., Rupp Ch., Harzhauser M. 2019
A new outer neritic elasmobranch-assemblage from the Egerian (late Oligocene) of the North Alpine Foreland Basin (Austria).
Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie.

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Fuchs I., Schwab J., Kriwet J. 2015. Palaeoecology and diversity of Miocene sharks and rays (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) of the Paratethys. Nobis, Eggenburg. Conference Paper

Award for Palaeobiology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences 2020
PANGEO Conference, Poster 2018

Description of new taxa:
Cretacladoides Feichtinger, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet (2020)
Natarapax Feichtinger, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet (2020)
Altusmirus Fuchs, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet, 2017
Fornicatus Fuchs, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet, 2017
Similiteroscyllium Fuchs, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet, 2017

Nanocetorhinus zeitlingeri Feichtinger, Pollerspöck & Harzhauser, 2020
Cretacladoides ogiveformis Feichtinger, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet 2020
Cretacladoides noricum Feichtinger, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet 2020
Natarapax trivortex Feichtinger, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet 2020
Altusmirus triquetrus Fuchs, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet, 2018
Fornicatus austriacus Fuchs, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet, 2018
Similiteroscyllium iniquus Fuchs, Engelbrecht, Lukeneder & Kriwet, 2018


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