Kolitsch Uwe / Head of the Department for Mineralogy & Petrography, curator of the ore deposit collection
Hammer Vera M. F. / Staff scientist, head of the mineral collection, head of the State Gem Institute
Ferrière Ludovic / Staff scientist, curator of the meteorite collection, curator of the impactite collection
Walter-Roszjár Julia / Staff scientist, co-curator of the meteorite collection
Pittarello Lidia / Staff scientist, curator of the rock collection
Ertl-Winand Andreas / Project researcher
Berger Anna / Collection manager
Mayr Nina / Secretary
Batic Goran / Preparator
Schalko Clemens / Collection assistant

Associated Scientists

Brandstätter Franz / Associated scientist
Topa Dan / Associated scientist


Bachmann Peter / Volunteer
Dworzak Franz / Volunteer
Sofianos Konstantina / Volunteer