Harzhauser Mathias / head of department
Göhlich Ursula B. / staff scientist and curator
Kroh Andreas / staff scientist and curator; head of the NHM Vienna publishing house ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8566-8848
Lukeneder Alexander / vice-head of the department, staff scientist and curator
Mandic Oleg / staff scientist and curator
Nichterl Thomas / collection manager; deputy fire protection engineer
Oberender Pauline / staff scientist
Plan Lukas / staff scientist
Englert Anton / preparator
Weinmann Anna E. / staff scientist and curator
Feichtinger Iris / preparator
Fürst Anton / preparator
Kranner Matthias / project researcher
Schmidt Lisa-Maria / project researcher
Stockinger Martina / project researcher
Winkler Viola / project researcher