Constanze Schattke

PhD Student
KolText project
Constanze Schattkes ORCID record:
Phone: 01/52177-239

PhD Projekt
Located at the Vienna Doctoral School of Ecology and Evolution, VDSEE.
Supervisors: Prof. Harald Wilfing (Universität Wien), Prof. Sabine Eggers (NHM Wien)

Witnesses of Violence? Combining Bioarchaeology and Provenance to Research Violence in the Acquisition Contexts of Human Remains in the Department of Anthropology, Natural History Museum Vienna, from 1857 – 1935.

In the last years, debates about the provenance of museum collections have increased, with the Department of Anthropology at the Natural History Museum Vienna also being increasingly confronted with the question of the origin and acquisition circumstances of its collections. In my PhD project, I aim to examine which contexts of violence contributed to the formation of the department’s osteological collections. This is done to research and verify data of historic acquisition contexts, to ensure that curators are able to provide data sourced from collections with unproblematic acquisition backgrounds for future researchers, but most importantly to avoid conflicts between scientists and communities of origin. My research is characterized by an interdisciplinary understanding of violence, with violence being approached as a concept from both humanities and bioarchaeology.

Since 2021:
PhD Student, Vienna Doctoral School of Ecology and Evolution, VDSEE
2021: Evolutionary Anthropology (Master of Science), University of Vienna, Austria. Graduation with Honours.

2017: Biology (Bachelor of Science), CAU Kiel, Germany

Research stay Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology LFA, University of Coimbra, Portugal
2022: Early Career Achievement Award of the European Association of Archaeologists EAA
2019: Durham Paleopathology Summer School
Since 2018: various project collaborations on repatriation and provenance


Olivares, F., Schattke, C., Molina, H., Berner, M., & Eggers, S. (2023). Re-telling the story of Selk’nam ancestors: From Karokynká/Tierra del Fuego to Austria. Human Remains and Violence, 9(1), 49–69.

Schattke, C., Olivares, F., Molina, H., Menéndez, L., & Eggers, S. (2023). Osteobiographical re-individualisation of the Selk’nam human remains at the Natural History Museum Vienna. Human Remains and Violence, 9(1), 28–48.

Lazaridis, I., Alpaslan-Roodenberg, S., Acar, A., Aç, A., Andreeva, D., Andrija, G., Badalyan, R., Bakardzhiev, S., Balen, J., Bejko, L., Bernardos, R., Bertsatos, A., Biber, H., Bilir, A., Bodru, M., Callan, K., Candilio, F., Cari, M., Ciobanu, I., …
Çavusog, R. (2022). A genetic probe into the ancient and medieval history of Southern Europe and West Asia. Science, 377, 940–951.

Eggers, S., Herewini, T. H., Mamaku, T. A., Schattke, C., Buttinger, K., Eggers Gorab, M., & Berner, M. (2021). Māori and Moriori Human Reamins in the Natural History Museum Vienna. Exhumed, Shipped, Traded and Inventoried. In P. Schölnberger (Ed.), Das Museum im kolonialen Kontext (pp. 281–303). Czernin.

Fernandes, D. M., Sirak, K. A., Ringbauer, H., Sedig, J., Rohland, N., Cheronet, O., Mah, M., Mallick, S., Olalde, I., Culleton, B. J., Adamski, N., Bernardos, R., Bravo, G., Broomandkhoshbacht, N., Callan, K., Candilio, F., Demetz, L., Carlson, K. S. D., Eccles, L., … Reich, D. (2021). A genetic history of the pre-contact Caribbean. Nature, 590(7844), 103–110.
Research Interests:
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Paleopathology
  • Provenance Research
  • History of Anthropological Sciences
  • Human Rights


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