Nalepa Collection

In 2014 a two year project "Reconditioning of the Nalepa collection at NHMW" was initiated. This project was primarily aimed to recondition the Nalepa collection in order to make it available for a broad range of scientists.

The main goals of this study were:
  1. to evaluate, describe and improve the current condition of the collection;
  2. to develop the best technique for recovering mites from vials and making slides;
  3. to make a digital database of vials from the Nalepa collection and
  4. to find the best way for preserving the collection for the future.

In a paper published in Systematics and Applied Acarology ( we present the most significant results obtained during the project which will be important for eriophyoid studies .. PDF (5454 KB)

All digital data obtained from the Nalepa archives (database of the vials, copies of the jotter, reprints and drawings of mites) will be available for scientists here ...
This study was supported by Pro Acarologia Basilensis (PAB).

We are grateful for any comments/corrections etc. - please submit them to
Philipp E. Chetverikov (Saint-Petersburg University) and Christoph Hörweg (NHMW)


1) Nalepa papers

2) Jotter and 10 work diaries

3) List of the eriophyoid mite species and genera described by A. Nalepa

4) Copies of the figures from selected Nalepa papers (in high resolution) and his original pencil drawings of the mites

5) Papers about A. Nalepa and his work

6) Photographs of / Information on the collection

7) Database of the vials