Technical library

The Herpetological Collection is equipped with a technical library. This library is an outhoused portion of the museum's zoological main library which holds about 50,000 volumes and, thus, is one of the most comprehensive zoological libraries of Austria.

The technical library of the Herpetological Collection comprises about 3,500 volumes and more than 150 periodicals. The various publications are indexed by author's name, title, and key words and made accessible through card files or by a computerized retrieval system.

The books in this library cover the following fields

  • Historical Library
    • monographs
    • museum catalogues
    • comprehensive works on systematics etc.

  • Geographic Library
    • field guides,
    • handbooks,
    • colour atlases, etc. for various geographic regions

  • Reference Library
    • anatomy
    • morphology
    • ecology
    • methodology (including comprehensive handbooks)
      Poisons and venomous animals (toxicology)
      Unpublished papers (reports, dissertations, theses, diploma papers, etc.)

  • Vivaria (keeping, breeding, terrarium technics)
    • Veterinary medicine
    • Protection and threats to amphibians, reptiles, and their habitats
    • Field herpetology
    • Congress abstracts
    • Bibliographies

Visiting hours: by appointment
At the library you will be instructed and supported by Georg Gassner
Tel.: (+43) (1) 52177 224

The literature can be looked into but cannot be lended. Copying facilities are available.