Luise Kruckenhauser

staff scientist
  • Deputy Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics
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  • Supervision of students
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  • Management of library of the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics
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Phone: +43 1 52177-403

The research projects of the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics deal with phylogenetic and phylogeographic studies of a broad variety of animal species. These studies include also questions of genetic and morphological diversity. The projects are performed in cooperation with different departments of the NHM as well as in the course on national and international collaborations.


  • 23.5.2000 Ph.D. graduation (Zoology) at the University of Vienna
  • 1996-2000 Ph.D. thesis at the Institute of Medical Biology, Dept. of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Vienna Title: "Molecular analysis of intra- and interspecific variation in the genus Marmota (marmots)."
  • 28.11.1995 M.Sc. graduation (Zoology) at the University of Vienna
  • 1993-1995 M.Sc. thesis at the Institute of General Biology, Department of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Vienna: Title: "Genetic differentiation of Alpine Marmots traced by DNA-fingerprinting."
  • 1988-1995 Studies of zoology and genetics at the University of Vienna

Professional History

  • since 1.1.2009 Scientific researcher at the Museum of Natural History, Vienna (1st Zoological Dept., Laboratory for Molecular Systematics)
  • since 1.11.2007 Scientific researcher at the Museum of Natural History, Vienna Austrian Science Foundation project: "Phylogeographic analysis of selected Alpine land snails."
  • 7/2006-9/2006 Research assistent in the Mammal Collection, Natural History Museum Vienna
  • 1.2.2001 - 31.10.2007 Scientific work as freelancer:
    • Population genetic investigation of Garra barreimiae in Oman
    • WWF-Project "Genetic Monitoring of the brown bear population in Central Austria."
    • Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage "Genetic analysis of brown bear scats and hair samples collected in the Pyrenees."
  • 4/2000-9/2000 Scientific researcher at the Museum of Natural History, Vienna (Department of Zoology, Laboratory for Molecular Biology), Austrian Science Foundation project (P14069-BIO): "Molecular phylogeny of the genus Buteo."
  • 1/1997-2/2000 Research assistant at the Institute of Medical Biology, Dept. of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Vienna, Austrian Science Foundation project (P11840-GEN): “Molecular analysis of intra- and intraspecific variation in the genus Marmota (marmots).”
  • 1994-1996 Teaching assistant at the Institute of General Biology, Dept. of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Vienna
  • 1993-1996 Research assistant at the "Bundesanstalt für Wassergüte" (Vienna), project: "Neue Donau" (microbiological investigations of water quality of the New Danube)

Academic Teaching

  • 2005 Lecturer: Evolution of human and their diseases. (Faculty of Medicine, University of Vienna
  • 1995-2000 Co-lecturer of the practical course "Genetics for medical students" (Faculty of Medicine, University of Vienna)
  • 1994-2001 Co-lecturer of the practical course "Experimental population and evolutionary genetics" (Faculty of Science, University of Vienna)
  • 1995-1998 Co-lecturer of the theoretical and practical course "Experimental systems in developmental genetics" (Faculty of Science, University of Vienna)
  • 1994-1997 Co-lecturer of the practical course "Biology for medical students" (Faculty of Medicine, University of Vienna)

Research Visits and Advanced Training Courses

  • 2006 Wildlife Forensics course bei Wildlife DNA Services, Dr. Rob Ogden, Bangor UK
  • 2000 R.J. Nelson, University of Victoria, Victoria (Canada): 3 months
  • 1998 A. Bryant, Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Team, The Nature Trust of B.C., Nanaimo (Canada)
  • 1996 Prof. Pierre Taberlet, Laboratoire de Biologie des Populations d´Altitude, CNRS UMR 5553, Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (France)
  • 1996 EU-workshop "Molecular tools for biodiversity", Bristol (England)
  • 1995 EMBO course "Computer based sequence analysis and molecular evolution", Lyon (France)

Thesis and Master thesis

KRUCKENHAUSER L. (2000) Molekulare Analyse der intra- und interspezifischen Variation in der Gattung Marmota.- Dissertation, Universität Wien, pp. 1-150.


KRUCKENHAUSER L. (1995) Untersuchung der genetischen Variation des Alpenmurmeltieres (M. m. marmota) mittels DNA-Fingerprinting.- Diplomarbeit, Universität Wien, pp. 1-86.


Original papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals

DUDA, M., SCHINDELAR, J., MACEK, O., ESCHNER, A., & KRUCKENHAUSER, L. (2017). First record of Trochulus clandestinus (Hartmann, 1821) in Austria (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Hygromiidae). Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 16: 37–43

JAKSCH, K., KRUCKENHAUSER, L., HARING, E., & FEHÉR, Z. (2017). First establishment of microsatellite markers in clausiliid snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Clausiliidae). BMC Research Notes10. doi:10.1186/s13104-017-2462-7

KIRCHNER, S., SATTMANN, H., HARING, E., PLAN, L., VICTOR, R., & KRUCKENHAUSER, L. (2017). Investigating gene flow between the blind cavefish Garra barreimiae and its conspecific surface populations. Scientific Reports7(1), 5130. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-05194-3

KRUCKENHAUSER, L., HARING, E., TAUTSCHER, B., CADAHÍA, L., ZOPP, L., DUDA, M., SATTMANN, H. (2017). Indication for selfing in geographically separated populations and evidence for Pleistocene survival within the Alps: the case of Cylindrus obtusus (Pulmonata: Helicidae). BMC Evolutionary Biology17, 138. doi:10.1186/s12862-017-0977-0

ZOPP, L., HARING, E., KRUCKENHAUSER, L., SCHILEYKO, A., & SATTMANN, H. (2017). Anatomical and morphological variation in the eastern Alpine endemic Cylindrus obtusus (Draparnaud, 1805) (Gastropoda: Helicidae). Journal of Molluscan Studies83(3), 316–324. doi:10.1093/mollus/eyx022

CALDERONI, L., ROTA-STABELLI, O., FRIGATO, E., PANZIERA, A., KIRCHNER, S., FOULKES, N. S., FUSELLI, S. (2016). Relaxed selective constraints drove functional modifications in peripheral photoreception of the cavefish P. andruzzii and provide insight into the time of cave colonization. Heredity117(5), 383–392. doi:10.1038/hdy.2016.59

KIRCHNER S., HARL J., KRUCKENHAUSER L., DUDA M., SATTMANN H. & HARING E. (2016): Phylogeography and systematics of Pyramidula (Pulmonata: Pyramidulidae) in the eastern Alps: still a taxonomic challenge. – Journal of Molluscan Studies, 82/1: 110-121. doi:10.1093/mollus/eyv047

KRUCKENHAUSER, L., ESCHNER, A. & DUDA, M. (2015): DNA-Barcoding Mollusken - Verborgene Diversität. – Acta ZooBot Austria, 152: 179-181.

KIRCHNER S., WEINMAIER T., RATTEI T., SATTMANN H., KRUCKENHAUSER L. (2014) Characterization of 19 new microsatellite loci for the Omani barb Garra bareimiae from 454 sequences. BMC Research Notes 2014, 7:522,  doi:10.1186/1756-0500-7-522

DUDA M., KRUCKENHAUSER L., SATTMANN H., HARL J., JAKSCH K., HARING E. (2014) Differentiation in the Trochulus hispidus complex and related taxa (Pulmonata: Hygromiidae): Morphology, ecology and their relation to phylogeography. J. Mollus. Stud., doi: 10.1093/mollus/eyu023

HARL, J., DUDA, M., KRUCKENHAUSER, L., SATTMANN, H., HARING, E. (2014): In Search of Glacial Refuges of the Land Snail Orcula dolium (Pulmonata, Orculidae) - An Integrative Approach Using DNA Sequence and Fossil Data. – PLOS ONE, 9/5: e96012. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096012.
HARL, J., PÁLL-GERGELY, B., KIRCHNER, S., SATTMANN, H., DUDA, M., KRUCKENHAUSER, L., HARING, E. (2014): Phylogeography of the land snail genus Orcula (Orculidae, Stylommatophora) with emphasis on the Eastern Alpine taxa: speciation, hybridization and morphological variation. – BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14/1: 223. doi:10.1186/s12862-014-0223-y.

KRUCKENHAUSER L., DUDA M., BARTEL D., SATTMANN H., HARL J., KIRCHNER S., HARING E. (2014) Paraphyly and budding speciation in the hairy snail (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Hygromiidae).- Zoologica Scripta, 10.1111/zsc.12046.


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Conference proceedings, scientific reports, popular science articles

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