Viola Winkler

operator microCT
Viola Winklers ORCID record:
Phone: +43 1 52177-254

since 2022: bITEM: Beyond the Item - Biographies and Itineraries of Cultural Heritage Objects in Museums and beyond (go!digital 3.0, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften) [PI]

2020 - 2021: MicroMus: Unlocking the Microcosm - Micro-CT Analyses in Museum Collections (
FFG F&E-Infrastrukturförderung 2) [visualization expert]

  • since 2022 staff scientist - operator microCT
  • 2020 - 2021  Project researcher (3D visualization)
    MicroMus: Unlocking the Microcosm - Micro-CT Analyses in Museum Collections (FFG F&E Infrastrukturförderung 2)
  • 2018-2019 - Technical assistant at the Medical University of Vienna, Department of Anatomy
  • 2015-2018 - Master degree in Zoology, University of Vienna
    Master thesis: "3D cell proliferation patterns in developing bird limbs"
    Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd B. Müller
  • 2011 - 2015 Bachelor degree in Biology (Zoology), University of Vienna
    Bachelor thesis: "Caching behavior of ravens and crows in a social context"
    Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar
  • 2011 - school leaving exam


L.F. Reissig, S. H. Geyer, V. Winkler, E. Preineder, F. Prin, R. Wilson, A. Galli, C. Tudor, J. K. White, T. J. Mohun, W. J. Weninger. Detailed characterizations of cranial nerve anatomy in E14.5 mouse embryos/fetuses and their use as reference for diagnosing subtle, but potentially lethal malformations in mutants. Front Cell Dev Biol. 2022 Nov 9;10:1006620. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2022.1006620. PMID: 36438572; PMCID: PMC9682249.

K. V. Chichkoyan, C. Villa, V. Winkler, L. Manuelli & G. E. Acuña Suarez (2022). Paleopathologies of the clavicles of the Megatherium americanum Cuvier 1796 (Xenartha, Mammalia) (Giant ground sloth) from the Pampean Pleistocene (Argentinia). Ameghiniana, 59(6), 390-406.

I. Feichtinger, A. O. Ivanov, V. Winkler, C. Dojen, R. Kindlimann, J. Kriwet, C. Pfaff, G. Schraut & S. Stumpf (2021): Scarce ctenacanthiform sharks from the Mississippian of Austria with an analysis of Carboniferous elasmobranch diversity in response to climatic and environmental changes. Journal of Vetrebrate Paleontology, DOI: 10.1080/02724634.2021.1925902

H. Winkler & V. Winkler (2015): The brain of woodpeckers. In H Winkler &
F Gusenleitner (eds) Developments in Woodpecker Biology. Biologiezentrum des
Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseum, Linz, Österreich pp.55-61

V. Winkler, H. Winkler, B.D. Metscher (2015): Klopf 3D-mal auf Holz – Neue Zugänge zur
Biomechanik des Spechtschädels. Vogelwarte – Zeitschrif für Vogelkunde, 53(4)

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