Publication activities

The Department of Prehistory publishes a number of scientific works, including a new online series focusing on the various research activities in Hallstatt.
Research papers, university papers, old mining reports, restoration reports and the like are published here.
The Anthropological Society in Vienna also publishes a book each year on topics such as "Symbols and Rituals", "Humans and Play", etc. looking at subjects from the perspective of archaeology, physical anthropology, folklore and ethnology.

Help us to make our scientific research available to a wider audience.

People who are interested in history, who like to read and who enjoy learning about various archaeology-related topics as well as folklore and ethnology. Good grammar and spelling in German and English are essential.

Citizen Scientists are welcome to participate at any time.

In the Department of Prehistory at the Natural History Museum Vienna.
Providing support with editing, proofreading and image processing for the publication of scientific papers.
If you are interested please contact:

Mag. Dr. Karina Grömer

Mag. Dr. Karina Grömer
Natural History Museum Vienna
Department of Prehistory