Transcription work in the find archive

The archives of the Department of Prehistory and the Hallstatt Research Department store various documents dating from the late 17th century until today.
One of the most important Citizen Science projects of recent years is the transcription of historical mining maps from Hallstatt (Upper Austria).

Rietzinger's mining book from 1713 contains records of prehistoric finds and descriptions of areas in the mine which were abandoned many decades ago and are no longer accessible today. It is therefore an invaluable source for understanding historical and prehistoric mining in Hallstatt.
Eight maps from the book have already been transcribed and prepared for publication.
We would be delighted to receive your help with this transcription project!
Sorry, we are fully booked at the moment!
People interested in history who are able to read old manuscripts and/or Kurrent handwriting.
Citizen Scientists are welcome to help with this project at any time.

In the Department of Prehistory at the Natural History Museum Vienna.
Transcription of old manuscripts, research on historical facts and persons.
If you are interested please contact:

Mag. Dr. Karina Grömer

Mag. Hans Reschreiter

Mag. Dr. Karina Grömer
Natural History Museum Vienna
Department of Prehistory

Mag. Dr. Hans Reschreiter
Natural History Museum Vienna
Department of Prehistory