PD Dr.
Swen Renner

Curator, Senior Scientist
  • Head of Ornithology
  • Scientific Research
  • Public Relation
Phone: +43-1-52177-499
Fax: +43-1-52177-364
Global change is accelerating rapidly and includes climate, land use, and land cover changes among others. Important forms of land use change for birds are habitat loss such as deforestation and habitat modifications such as intensification of land use. These modifications are responsible for changes in species numbers, abundance, diversity, functional diversity, local extinctions, range shifts, and alterations of species interactions and ecological processes such as parasitism or predation. Within the research framework of land use effects, I am mainly interested in:
  • The changes of species richness, species diversity, species composition, and functional diversity of birds as response to global change;
  • Temporal turnover in biodiversity over a century and the consequences for conservation of birds;
  • How bird populations respond to avian haemosporidians and to land use change and land use intensification.

1. zoology

Ahnelt Harald
associate scientist
Berg Hans-Martin
collection manager
Bibl Alexander
collection manager
Bogutskaya Nina
scientific assistant
Gassner Georg
collection manager
Grillitsch Heinz
associate scientist
Grunstra Nicole D. S.
associate scientist
Hofmann Gerhard
Illek Robert
head taxidermist
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Collection assistant, Scientific collaborator
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model and dioramic maker
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curator, staff scientist
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assistant to the head of the collection
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taxidermy trainee
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Weiß Veronika
taxidermy trainee
Wicke Johannes
Zachos Frank Emmanuel
Curator, staff scientist