David Coelho

Associated scientist
MSc Student; University of Algarve
Since January 2022
I'm David, I come from Portugal and I'm 23 years old. I'm currently taking a masters on Marine Biology in University of Algarve, one of the best marine sciences focused universities in Portugal, with a strong internacional community. I came to Vienna for an internship to complete my master thesis which is focused on fluorescent proteins of corals. The main goals of my research are to find differences in the distribution and abundance of these proteins in the corals tissue and discuss the ecological value that these proteins have. For this study I will use confocal microscopy, a technique that allows the visualization of different fluorescent proteins and their localization in the tissue. This method has already been used in similar studies with promising results. This project will allow a greater understanding on the vertical distribution of corals and identify species that can have better chances of adaptation to ever-changing environmental conditions.

3. zoology

Akkari Nesrine
Curator of the collection Myriapoda / staff scientist
Barta Anna-Chiara
Project researcher
Dworschak Peter C.
Associated scientist / formerly curator of the collection Crustacea
Eschner Anita
curator of the collection Mollusca / staff scientist
Feiler Gloria
Assistant for the 3rd Zoology
Frade Pedro
curator of the collection Evertebrata Varia
Gallmetzer Ivo
staff scientist
Greilhuber Matthäus
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Gruber Jürgen
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Hörweg Christoph
Head of the 3. Zoological Department / curator of the collection Arachnoidea / staff scientist
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Manager DNA & tissue collection, Collection Assistant (Myriapoda)
Marchioro Giulia
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staff scientist
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Associated scientist
Sattmann Helmut
Associated scientist / formerly head of department and curator of the collection Evertebrata varia
Schiller Edmund
collection assistant in the collections Arachnoidea & Crustacea
Schnedl Sara Maria
collection assistant in the collection Mollusca
Schwentner Martin
curator of the collection Crustacea / staff scientist
Seiter Michael
Associated scientist
Stagl Verena
Associated scientist / formerly curator of the collection Myriapoda
Szeiler Stefan
collection manager
Wöss Emmy
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