HR Dr.
Helmut Sattmann

staff scientist / formerly head of department and curator of the collection Evertebrata varia
Phone: +43 1 52177-329
Fax: +43 1 52177-327
  • Born: 17th January 1955 in Admont/Steiermark as son of Margarete and Ludwig Sattmann
  • Primary school 1961-1965 in Admont
  • Classical secondary school: "Humanistisches Privatgymnasium des Benediktinerstiftes Admont" 1965-1973 in Admont.
  • Final eximinations June 1973.
  • October 1973 University Vienna: Zoology, Paläontology, Ethnology
  • 1980 - 1985 Tutor at the Institut of Zoologie, University Vienna
  • 1980 Scholarship at the Cairo University, Egypt (studies on the distribution of freshwater molluscs and of parasites of amphibians)
  • Since 1981 tecnical assistent in the mollusc collection of the Natural History Museum Vienna
  • 1984 social service at the Red Cross in Vienna
  • 1989 Final exeminations in Zoology, Paleontology and Philosophy, Dr. phil University Vienna. (Thesis: "Endo-Helminths of Triturus alpestris and some sympatric amphibians")
  • Since December 1989 Assistent Curator at the mollusc collection, Natural History Museum Vienna
  • Since January 1993 Curator of the Evertebrata Varia Collection (including helminths), Natural History Museum Vienna
  • Since February 1995 Head of the Invertebrate Department, Natural History Museum Vienna

3. zoology

Akkari Nesrine
curator of the collection Myriapoda / staff scientist
Belicic Elisabeth
biological technical assistant
Duda Michael
project researcher
Eschner Anita
curator of the collection Mollusca / staff scientist
Hörweg Christoph
Head of the 3. Zoological Department / curator of the collection Arachnoidea / staff scientist
Mason Katharina
staff scientist
Schiller Edmund
part-time employee
Schnedl Sara Maria
collection assistant in the collection Mollusca
Schwentner Martin
curator of the collection Crustacea / staff scientist
Szeiler Stefan
preparator / collection manager of the collection Evertebrata Varia
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Tesarik Eva