HR Dr.
Helmut Sattmann

head of department, curator, staff scientist
Phone: +43 1 52177-329
Fax: +43 1 52177-327
  • Born: 17th January 1955 in Admont/Steiermark as son of Margarete and Ludwig Sattmann
  • Primary school 1961-1965 in Admont
  • Classical secondary school: "Humanistisches Privatgymnasium des Benediktinerstiftes Admont" 1965-1973 in Admont.
  • Final eximinations June 1973.
  • October 1973 University Vienna: Zoology, Paläontology, Ethnology
  • 1980 - 1985 Tutor at the Institut of Zoologie, University Vienna
  • 1980 Scholarship at the Cairo University, Egypt (studies on the distribution of freshwater molluscs and of parasites of amphibians)
  • Since 1981 tecnical assistent in the mollusc collection of the Natural History Museum Vienna
  • 1984 social service at the Red Cross in Vienna
  • 1989 Final exeminations in Zoology, Paleontology and Philosophy, Dr. phil University Vienna. (Thesis: "Endo-Helminths of Triturus alpestris and some sympatric amphibians")
  • Since December 1989 Assistent Curator at the mollusc collection, Natural History Museum Vienna
  • Since January 1993 Curator of the Evertebrata Varia Collection (including helminths), Natural History Museum Vienna
  • Since February 1995 Head of the Invertebrate Department, Natural History Museum Vienna

3. zoology

Akkari Nesrine
Curator of the Myriapod Collection, researcher
Belicic Elisabeth
biological technical assistant
Duda Michael
project researcher
Eschner Anita
curator, staff scientist
Hörweg Christoph
curator, staff scientist, deputy head of the 3. Zoology
Mason Katharina
staff scientist & office of the Freunde des NHM
Schiller Edmund
part-time employee
Schnedl Sara Maria
Collection Assistant
Schwentner Martin
curator, staff scientist
Szeiler Stefan
Preparator, Collection Manager
Szucsich Nikolaus
Tesarik Eva