Edmund Schiller

part-time employee

E.K. Schiller, E. Haring, B. Däubl, L. Gaub, S. Szeiler, H. Sattmann 2014: Ethanol concentration and sample preservation considering diverse storage parameters: a survey of invertebrate wet collections of the Natural History Museum Vienna. 01/2014

3. zoology

Akkari Nesrine
curator of the collection Myriapoda / staff scientist
Belicic Elisabeth
biological technical assistant
Duda Michael
project researcher
Eschner Anita
curator of the collection Mollusca / staff scientist
Hörweg Christoph
Head of the 3. Zoological Department / curator of the collection Arachnoidea / staff scientist
Mason Katharina
staff scientist
Sattmann Helmut
staff scientist / formerly head of department and curator of the collection Evertebrata varia
Schnedl Sara Maria
collection assistant in the collection Mollusca
Schwentner Martin
curator of the collection Crustacea / staff scientist
Szeiler Stefan
preparator / collection manager of the collection Evertebrata Varia
Szucsich Nikolaus
Tesarik Eva