Public Lecture

Montag, 17. Juni 2019, 17:00 Uhr | NHM Tipp
Achieving real outcomes for science and for education through citizen science: Why and how can researchers and institutions incorporate citizen science as a core strategy?
Citizen science can take many forms, from projects that allow large numbers of people across huge spatial and temporal scales to collect and categorize data, to collaborative community science projects, in which scientists and community partners work hand in hand to ask and answer locally-relevant questions. Due to its benefits for members of the public and the scientific community, the citizen science methodology has been increasingly adopted by (research) institutions worldwide, especially in the U.S.

In this lecture Heidi Ballard, Associate Professor and the Founder and Faculty Director of the Center for Community and Citizen Science (University of California, Davis), will present the growing scientific base on projects that produce high-quality research and monitoring as well as high-quality educational outcomes. She will give an overview of useful approaches on how to involve the public (e.g. conservation, natural resource management, science education and public health) and will show pitfalls to watch out for. Heidi Ballard will also discuss how U.S. universities incorporate citizen science to achieve their research, education, and community outreach missions.

The presentation will be followed by a reply by Barbara Prainsack, Professor for Comparative Policy Analysis (University of Vienna) and member of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (advising the European Commission), and an open discussion.

Free entrace to the NHM Vienna from 16:45 onward.


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